Fidel & Che: Revolution of Love

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This Tribe is not about starting a military revolt, becoming a Communist, or to overthrow our Govt.
It's about two men IMO that were at a crossroads, and dedicated their life to a higher purpose, to their people and country, that of radical of love, and stood up the world.

It is their strength and dedication that i so admire (even still to this day) to their beliefs, i may not agree on all of their politics and I'm sure many here would disagree if they are even hero's, and even question my starting this tribe in the first place, but i believe that they truly loved the common people and saw the corruption of western society, and even though poor, never subsided for riches of exploitative materialism or personal gain...

I don't know if there's ever been one others who has stood up to nations (in world history - let alone the united states) so defiant so strong... Farewell, Comrades Castro and CHE

think about it, they were in the mountains with only about 14 men left remaining (out of hundreds)
and took on a army ... that's hard core faith... bALLs of sTEEL

"Castro's forces were quite small, about one hundred poorly armed guerrillas, while the Cuban army and police force numbered between 30,000 and 40,000 in strength. Yet nearly every time the army fought against the revolutionaries, they were the ones who retreated."


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